Virtual L.I.F.E Village
Virtual L.I.F.E Village
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Welcome to The Virtual L.I.F.E Village

Healing Hearts & Unlocking Minds. Your village for mental wellness resources.

About Us

The Life Group's mission for The Virtual L.I.F.E Village is to provide a safe and accessible online community for young adults in high school and college to access mental wellness resources. Our app offers a comprehensive platform where users can access videos, articles, surveys, meditations, group chats, monthly group sessions and much more at their fingertips. We believe that by creating an inclusive community that focuses on mental wellness, we can empower the next generation to take control of their mental health and well-being.

At The Virtual L.I.F.E Village (VLV), we recognize that each individual has unique needs, which is why we offer private coaching through our L.I.F.E Wrap program for those who may require more personalized support. Our goal is to ensure that all members feel heard, understood, and supported as they navigate through life's challenges.

We believe that mental wellness is not a luxury, but a necessity, and our mission is to make mental wellness resources accessible to all. By creating a safe and inclusive community, we hope to empower teenagers to prioritize their mental health and build a stronger foundation for their future.

Why You Should Join Us

At VLV, we're all about empowering and equipping YOU to become the strongest, most successful version of yourself! How? By helping you heal your heart, unlock your mind, and build a future full of promise for yourself and the next generation. We know you've got big dreams and even bigger potential, and we're here to help you tap into all of it. Let's work together to create a future where you thrive and inspire others to do the same!

With VLV You Get:

Becoming a member of The Virtual L.I.F.E Village (VLV) offers a designated space for prioritizing mental wellness. Our program provides access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that can assist any young adult navigating the uncertainties of life in raising their self-awareness, building their confidence, and achieving their goals. At VLV, we are dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces and nurtures each member's unique journey towards mental wellness. Our commitment to inclusivity and support ensures that all individuals have the opportunity to explore their needs, confront their challenges, and ultimately achieve their goals.

  • Comprehensive mental wellness resources
  • Tools for exploring emotions and detecting distress
  • Introduction to mindfulness practices
  • Tips for building positive relationships
  • Strategies for overcoming bullying
  • Resources for increasing self-love and self-esteem
  • Guidance for accomplishing personal goals
  • Financial literacy education and understanding of finances
  • And much more, all easily accessible at your fingertips.